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1Can I get the color and transparency of chip dispersions with the convenience of liquid colorants?Multiple
2Can you make custom dispersions of specific pigments?Multiple
3How do I contact Pan if I have other questions?Multiple
4How do you maintain batch-to-batch consistency?Multiple
5If your standard colorants are not compatible with my product, can you disperse the pigments in my resin?Multiple
6Is Pan a manufacturer or a distributor?Company
7What are the advantages of chip dispersions over liquid colorants?Multiple
8What are the advantages of liquid colorants over chip dispersions?Multiple
9What are your typical colorant tolerances?Multiple
10What can you do to help me reduce VOC’s in my coating?Multiple
11What does Pan do to insure product quality?Multiple
12What is Pan best known for?Multiple
13What is your lead time for shipping orders?Ordering
14What is your minimum batch size?Ordering
15What is your minimum order size?Multiple